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Looking for a writer who isn’t pigeon holed into a specific genre? You found her!

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Rebecca Graf has been writing stories in her head since she was a small child. Finding herself unable to fall to sleep at night, she began to create stories in her head. Each night the story grew and grew into they were friends who put her to sleep for many years. But it wasn’t until several decades later she gathered the courage to put some of the stories on paper. Now they are coming to the public.

But who is Rebecca on a more personal note? She is a mother of three nearly grown children who has lived in Kentucky, Alabama, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. Educated as an accountant, she has worked in the field for over twenty years. Further degrees in history and English, she now works full time in bringing yeast to your stores and bakeries and write story after story.

What does she write? Nearly everything. You’ll see books dropping that are romance, suspense, creepy, children’s, mystery, and chicklit and a little of all and even others.


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