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I Need to Clone Myself

As a writer, there is never ecup-617422_960_720nough time in the day to get anything done. It is even more so when you have to work full-time and manage a family. I want to finish my stories. I need to clone myself.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to devote all my time to writing? I wouldn’t have to worry about breakfast, getting dressed for work, spending the day at the office moving product, doing laundry, cooking dinner, or even running errands. Oh, that would be wonderful. I’d get so many stories completed.

That is my dream, but sadly we haven’t advanced that far. So until then I’ll continue trying to write where I can. That means not wasting any opportunity. Even if it is only a paragraph written here or there. I can get it done. I will get my stories completed while getting laundry done and going to the office each day.

Will there be a day we can clone ourselves? I hope not. That would open up so many doors with danger behind them. I’ll just manage my daily routine and make the time to write.

Tomorrow I’ll write between dishes and laundry as well as putting up Christmas decorations. I’ll get a few words written between interruptions from the family. I will accomplish the writing challenge. I will conquer.

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