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6 Sentence Sunday 12/27/15

knife-316655_960_720As 2015 comes to an end, here is another peek at a story that will be released in 2016.

The Redeemed Cursed:



Raising his hands once again, the man gripped the knife he had fashioned himself. It’s jagged edges glistened as though light existed to shine upon it.

“We claim the power of life and knowledge that has been denied to us. Trickery was used with the fruit. Today we take the true source, the only source, blood!”

With that the knife fell.

Are Writers in a Rut?

morocco-123969_960_720As a reader and a writer, I get to see both sides of the book fence. That ability has me wondering if writers are in a rut?

Ever notice how an author hits it big has all the other authors imitating them? And once they start, they can’t change. They will only write in the same manner with the same type of characters. There is no variety. They are in a writing rut.

Over and over, authors write what they think are selling even if it means vulgarity or poor writing. They can’t step out of the rut and find inventive ways to get readers. If stories about vampires in love with a human sell, that will be all they write. Nothing more.

That’s not even going into how they market their work. That’s one of the biggest ruts of all. Most authors do the same thing over and over in their marketing strategy. Ten years ago, a successful self-published author stated that virtual book tours did a lot to spread the word about her book. Now everyone swears by the tours even though it hasn’t brought to them the same success. They are in a rut of only doing what was successful for one author and nothing else. A severe rut!

Even within genres, writers seem afraid to express themselves. I’ve been working with a lot of authors that focus on urban lit. They are in deep ruts of writing in slang, showing death and sex, and refusing to craft a sentence that makes sense on any plain. Now I’m speaking in general terms, but the vast majority are like that. Deep rut! I’d love to see an author step out of that rut and stand out from the crowd. They’d get the attention of everyone! Isn’t that the goal of every author?

Do you see authors as being in a rut? What kind? What is the solution?


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