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As you network, stop and think if your grandmother would approve of what you are doing. I’m not kidding. If what you are doing would be shameful to your grandmother, you might want to rethink your actions.

A Different Light

When you look at your networking actions through the eyes of your grandmother, you see them in a different light. Too often we get caught up in the moment and the trends of society that we forget the basic roots that help keep us grounded.

Look at your actions through your grandmother’s eyes. You’ll see whether or not it is right, wrong, fair, or unfair. If nothing else, it makes you rethink your position so what decision you make is done after look at it from all sides.

We Could Argue It

Yes, it would be easy to argue that Grandma wouldn’t understand the idea of networking or the times we live in. Yep, we could, but we’d be wasting our breath. You would be surprised what Grandma could understand. There was networking long before the Internet came on the scene. She knew about it at church and in her own social settings.

Stop arguing, and think of how Grandma would view your actions.

Be Realistic

We need to get realistic now. If Grandma would think your actions were wrong, you might need to rethink them. We can argue all we want, but it is just our way to justify what we want to do.

Network in a way that will make your Grandmother proud.

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