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Everyone makes mistakes. That means you and me. It happens every day. How we deal with them can affect our networking success.

Don’t Fight

Step one is to stop fighting the fact that you make mistakes. Accept it. Arguing against will not help your networking endeavors. In fact, it could be shooting yourself in the foot if you do that.

Too often, I encounter people who just want to argue that they did nothing wrong. Stop that! Nothing wrong in admitting you made a mistake. We all do it. Fighting that fact makes you look like a fool. Just admit it and move on.

Evaluate Lesson

When you do make a mistake, it is smart to step back and evaluate what happened. There are lessons to learn with every mistake. Trust me, even small lessons can be found.

What happened to cause that mistake? Could it have been avoided? How can you avoid repeating it in the future? Ask yourself these questions and let the mistake help you grow to be a better person.

Laugh At Yourself

You need to learn to laugh at yourself even when you make mistakes. That is the first step in showing the confidence you need to succeed in this world. Someone who can laugh at themselves shows the world that mistakes don’t topple them, they only make them stronger.

When you laugh at yourself, you take away ammunition from the haters. They have nothing to hold against you because you laugh at what you did and move on with lessons learned. What better way to come out on top?


After all this, reflect on your mistake. Don’t ever forget you did it though you should never let it become the albatross around your neck. Rise above and lit the mistake create the strong foundation you stand on.

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