Discovering a Story Everywhere

This is a basic business practice that you need to incorporate into your networking. Remember that your writing is a business. Following up with people helps to establish those networking connections and strengthens them.


Following up with people is basic etiquette. If someone contacts you, it is only polite to respond. If you sent them something, you follow up to make sure they got it or are enjoying it.

Don’t leave situations hanging. Follow up and make sure there are no misunderstandings. They might think that they need more information from you or that you need something from them. By following up, you eliminate any confusion that might exist that you are unaware of.

Ask Questions

When you follow up with people, ask questions. Ask how are they doing, do they need more information, how are they enjoying your book. It all depends on why you were in communication with them. I have asked someone in Florida a followup question about the hurricane that just past. That’s all you have to do – follow up with relevant questions.


Sometimes you have to follow up with an apology. When you follow up with an apology, it gets their attention. It shows that you see blame on yourself even if there might not be any need for. That makes them respond trying to reassure you that all is well and also opens up the communication doorway.

Anytime you interact with people, it is good to follow up. Ask how they are doing, how the test went, are they over the flu? By following up, you make those network connections stronger.

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