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6 Sentence Sunday

Here is a piece from The Redeemed Cursed. This will be a story of redemption, pain, love, horror, spiritual healing, and so much more.




Her breath caught in her throat, and her eyes widened in fright. Before her stood a creature that was straight out of a nightmare. It’s face was bleached white with stains of red splotched around what would be called mouth and eyes. The eyes were sunken deep into the head and were little more than pools of glowing red matter. The mouth was cracked and broken with black, sharp teeth sticking out. Only when the gnarled hand dripping with blood reached out to her did she move.


6 Sentence Sunday

How about a glimpse into upcoming release The Redeemed Cursed?


Meghan hung her head. “Okay, you caught me. The reporter in me can’t seem to go off the clock.”

“You’re not supposed to or there would be less news to report. Let’s just say that it might be more trouble than it’s worth for now.”

She opened her mouth to inquire further on his statement, but they were interrupted by a scream.

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