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Challenging Myself as a Reader

woman-945427__180I’ve been an avid reader for close to forty years. Over that time period, I’ve discovered that readers tend to get themselves into a rut. They read the same types of books over and over. Why is that bad? They miss out on so much. So I’m trying to avoid that with myself. I’m challenging myself as a reader.

Different Genres

I like what I like. Nothing wrong with that, but how do I know I don’t like other genres or even specific authors within those genres? I don’t until I give them a try. Think of how I handle my kids and foods they refuse to eat. I understand not wanting to eat foods that are disgusting. Didn’t like my mother forcing me to eat things that had me losing my stomach contents, but I have learned over the years that taste buds change. I hated sauerkraut when I was a kid. Pregnant with my first child, I fell in love with it. So every year or so, I encourage my children to try something they have disliked in the past. Maybe it is cooked a little differently. Sometimes they find a new love. The same can be done with books.

I don’t like horror. Not fond of science fiction. Fantasy is fun but not one of my top choices. But I look in these genres to see what might interest me. By doing that, I have found some great writers I tell others about. I still do not skip into the horror section, but I will read the works of Aiden James. I won’t read them at night, but I will read them. It will also take a few months before I work up the nerve to read the others, but I read them because he rocks as a writer.

I love finding these little gems as I challenge myself to look at other genres. Yes, I find some I can’t stand and that might give me nightmares. What genres can you venture into?

Read More

Many us can learn to read more. That includes me. For many who know me, they are falling down in shock. The truth is that lately I haven’t read much. Life gets in the way, and I focus on writing too much. When this happens, it actually hurts all areas of my life. Yes, it does!

When I read, I relax. My mind clears all the junk. It’s sort of like meditation for me. My temper is under control. I can handle stress better. I even write better. Reading is what keeps me going. I have to challenge myself to keep reading.

How? Well, I make the time. I look for books that entice me to read them. Once I start, I can’t seem to stop. It’s great.


Now, let’s see what book is next in the queue.


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