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Upcoming Release – Creepy Novellas

Okay, I don’t think the title will be Creepy Novellas, but that is what I call them. This is actually a re-release of two novellas, The Abang Aku and The Baba Yaga. This time they will be combined into one ebook and possibly print versions. So excited.


Here are a couple of excerpts for you today.


From The Abang Aku:

Nothing could be seen as it moved. Nothing could be heard, but it did move. It stirred as it felt the soul open up to the journey. It had found life.

The man scratched his chin not realizing what was stirring to life behind him. His thoughts were on what he had wanted and never obtained. He first thought was of his job, but he had what he wanted and more was coming. He thought of his home and could think of nothing. He then thought of family, and his body stiffened.


From The Baba Yaga:

“No! The woods are alive. You lied to me. My brother came here. Where is he?” Adriana stood up and leaned across the table, squaring off with the old woman. The smell of the food hit her hard. Something within her wanted to answer the call and sit down to eat.

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