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When Your Family Isn’t Behind Your Writing

monkeys-1187571__180Being a writer is not a bed of roses. You don’t have all day to write. You don’t have immediate success. You don’t have everyone you know supporting you. That includes the family that loves that you. Sadly, too many authors find that the ones who support them the least are their family members. They either might ignore your writing or they try to tear you apart. Yes, too often your family is your most toxic stumbling block.

One author has her family asking her when she’s going to find a more productive hobby other than her writing. She has several books published and brings in a couple of hundred dollars a month on book sales. Her own, grown children refuse to talk to her about her writing. They think it is a fad that will die out though it has been going on for several years. Her best supporters can be found online and most have never even been met.

Another writer has her closest family members telling her she is foolish to continue writing. While she has a full time job that is not writing, she is making headway in a successful writing career. But her family is not with her as she hasn’t won the New York Bestseller slot yet.

My family is a mix. Some family members read my writing, but they refuse to tell others about it. Some read it and want more but never say anything more until a new book comes out. And then there are those who turn their nose up at my work. They’ve quickly let me know that my writing doesn’t interest them. Funny how one of them think she has supported me more than anyone. Not! My own children have never read my work and my husband has only read one chapter. Now, they do support me in giving me time to write and letting me bounce ideas off them. But it is the ones who want nothing to do with my writing that hurts the most. Oh, well.

So, what do you do if you find yourself in any of these situations? You find a support team outside of your family and move on.

Most of best supporters can be found online and halfway around the world. They are people in the same position as me who cheer me on. I cheer them on. Our support really helps each other and produces more work. They have become my family. Remember that family doesn’t have to be blood related. They are those who come around you during the good times and the bad times and are always there for you.

Who is your family who supports you?

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