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Too Many Writing Groups Aren’t Worth My Time

mice-800875__180It’s smart to join writing groups, virtual and real life. The problem is that I’ve found many aren’t worth my time. What’s up with all that? I have more important things to focus on.

Why aren’t they worth my time? Most do not fulfill the function they were designed for. A group that was formed to help share marketing tips isn’t doing its job when all people are doing are post and run spamming. Why participate when there are no marketing tips shared?

One group I joined was supposed to be a book club. They never talked about a single book except their own they were trying to sell. I was looking for an actual book club. That was so disappointing.

Also, with most any group there needs to be some interactions. I like to test the waters with different groups. I post a question and watch for people to answer. If no one answers for several days, I leave the group. When there are thousands of members and hundreds of posts a day, there should have been a response.

Sadly, I have left more groups than I participate in. I find very few that have any substance. That means I’m not getting what I need from others. Are you finding the same thing? Oh, I’ve tried to start my own group to fill that need, but few people interact even there. Unless it involves something completely over the top controversial, people remain silent.


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