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Making Time for Sanity

gorilla-448731__180Writers have to make time for sanity. Yes, we struggle with it, and it doesn’t always involve our writing. Sometimes it involves our daily life. Insanity can be found anywhere and at any time in every person’s life. As a writer, you have to make the time for sanity and seek it out to prevent complete madness which is usually right around the corner.

There are times when you have to find sanity away from your story. Yes, your own writing can drive you crazy. It could be the fact that a scene is not working out as you would like. Maybe you want to continue writing, but nothing is coming to you. It is not uncommon for a writer to struggle with a scene for days or weeks trying to get it hammered out. That alone can drive an author to insanity. They have to get away from it. That means getting completely away from the story. Walk away from the computer. Don’t even interact on Facebook or Twitter. Put the computer away, and don’t even look at your phone. Let your mind rest from focusing on your story. You’d be surprised how much you need such a getaway.

When you pull away and let a version of sanity into your life, you’ll find your mind clearing up which in turn lets your muse recharge. It is like a mini-vacation. Granted life is not really free from insanity. It is just a different form which can be refreshing all by itself. It’s different. It is something to give your mind something else to focus one which can free your muse up from the constraints you unknowingly are putting on her/him.

Then there is the sanity from the real world. You have to escape that as well. Then you can turn to your writing. That usually mean reality has turned you into a mad person and you have to leave it to find peace. Then your writing becomes your sanity oasis. See what I mean?

Insanity reigns everywhere. You really can’t escape from it, but you can learn to manage it by creating times and space to run to the various forms of it and it’s close relative sanity.

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